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The Road Less Visited… yep yep. Nice!

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deers in yvonand switzerland


Today I feel like going where few have gone! And I’m going it alone! It’s always exciting to venture on roads less traveled. It’s a Sunday, and on a spontaneous whim, I decided to visit a less “popular” destination. Just Me, Myself, and I.

“Where are you going TODAY?”, Mark asks me.

“Yvonand”, I answered.

“WHY?”, he asks, laughing.

“Why NOT? Who can say they’ve gone there?”, I winked back.

I had heard the name YVONAND several times as a stop-over on the train rides back-and-forth through Switzerland, so I decided it might be worth a visit, alone.

… Oh boy! Did I learn a few good lessons today! …

houses in yvonand switzerlandhouse details in yvonand switzerland


TIP: Avoid small towns on Sundays in Switzerland! So many reasons why:

#1 – In small towns, the Tourist Information Office is CLOSED on Sundays! No tourist info office…

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My daughter did a similar teaching stent in Japan… oh the places we go!

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Well, the first “cheeky” interaction I could do without; but the rest I just LOVE!!! Blessings!


Just a lovely story of a father along with some great photographs displaying the history of love…

Hot Rod Cowgirl

I am a bit late with posting this but seems life right now is a bit fast and crazier than I want…today is a very special day of honoring our Dad’s.

This is my Dad…he was an amazing man…he lived with a left stiff leg from a football injury during his senior year in high school. Yet not once did he ever complain or make excuses for his life. Instead he fought to live a normal life and he did. I saw it and was witness to it…Dad was the real deal when it came to being a cowboy and a great Dad!

Dad with his horse Jingle across the road from the house in the 1940’s.

Dad roping in the 1950’s…

Dad in the 1970’s running one of the biggest cattle ranches in the state of Oregon. One of the very last cattle ranches in the state to drive…

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Absolutely gorgeous photographs! Check out Bethlehem Steel! Carley

Tin Can Traveler

(My Dad worked for many years at the Bethlehem Steel as a chemist.  He was very proud of his work and loved his job.  As a photojournalist this is my tribute to the place that gave my family so much.)

Towering defunct steel stacks, silenced machinery, abandoned buildings.  Surely it all adds up to a veritable wasteland, a hazard, something to be torn down, disposed of, leveled.

Not so the once mighty Bethlehem Steel Works in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.   An impressive rebirth is taking this industrial ghost town from once being the second largest steel manufacturer in the world to a place of robust artistic, historical, commercial and cultural activity.

It is becoming an eclectic paradigm, showing the nation that what looked like an old decrepit horse worthy of being sent to the proverbial glue factory has a salvageable future.  It is a wondrous turn around and a worthy monument to…

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Crocheted Goldfish! No, I’m not kidding!

MarissaFH Makes ...

More inspiration from aquariums and fish.

As my hubby went on his fishing store trips (two of them!), and chatted with the owners and managers about the fish, pumps, filters, etc., I wandered around the fish tanks on the floor.  Taking out my camera, I started taking pictures of the many colourful fish to keep from getting bored.   (Wonder what my husband would be doing if I dragged him around from craft store to the other?  Would he be taking pictures of yarn?  LOL )  Highlights from those trips  are featured in posts on my other blog – have a look at the Volitan Lionfish and the Porcupine Puffer Fish – they’re my new best friends 🙂

At home, in our tank, is the newest addition – goldfish.  Here’s a picture of them swimming around.

Browsing the internet today, I came across this.

It’s made by a MarieMad from…

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Hear ye! Hear ye!

I’ve noticed many bloggers do not know how to add the BLOG BUTTON to their blogs. So, I’ve added simple instructions — for WORDPRESS users — as a sub-page.

Check it out.

Blessings to you, and all the other usual pleasantries for your day!



An interesting take — I’d not even considered that new things might come from the kids… yeah, right… Thanks Teepee12! Carley

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