My daughter did a similar teaching stent in Japan… oh the places we go!

Live. Explore. Learn. Remember.


The first post of this blog… brimming with the heightened sense of anticipation and that new car scent that fades all too soon. Since I moved abroad, over a year ago, I have had people bugging me to start a blog and now that I have a partner to share the load with, I can satisfy the impatient masses. As many times as I asked Faraaz to join me before I emigrated, it’s taken him a year to decide, quit his corporate job, get rid off his flat, leave behind his beloved car and make the leap to join me here in South Korea.

His arrival prompted up thoughts about beginnings; more specifically, the beginning of the journey away from familiar shores, sights and sounds. For many people, when you land in Korea you are either numb or overwhelmed. Or perhaps numb because you have been so overwhelmed. I…

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