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Okay, that’s it

I just approved 56 comments — yes, 56 new blogs and blogger-VBA-winners. I don’t think I can possibly catch up now with the VBA blogroll.

So, I’m thinking — the comments will now function as the VBA Blogroll.

Please continue to support your fellow bloggers.

I will make an effort to feature a VBA blogger at least once a week — I hope that’s a good compromise.

Blessings; and all the usual pleasantries for your day!



So so so very far behind

I’m sorry.

The VBA Blogroll is not up-to-date.

Many worthy blogs are to be found in the comments! Many have not been added to the VBA Blogroll because I am — as the only VBA Administrator — way behind and because I am in the process of submitting my novel to CreateSpace for publishing before June 12th.

The deadline approaches, and I am fast — no, not asleep — at work!

Patience is appreciated.

Blessings! and all the usual pleasantries for your day!


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Added 5 Newbies

This morning with my coffee, I added 5 newbies to the VBA Blogroll. Challenge: Can you find them?



Thanks for Your Patience

Yes, yes, yes — I am way way way behind on adding new winners to the VBA Blogroll.

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Randomly Catching Up

I am slowly steadily adding VBA blog winners to the VBA blogroll. Thanks for your patience. Happy day! and all the other pleasantries!



27 Comments in Queue

Yes, I am behind once more on adding new VBA winners to the blogroll. Please be patient as I am taking a bit of a break from this blog to focus on my writing…

Be back soon!

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Caught Up?

I think I’m caught up again on the new VBA Winners — i.e. I believe I’ve added them all to the VBA blogroll. If your blog is missing, please let me know.

Have a great day! and all the usual pleasantries!



Catching Up

Despite a new puppy (sleeping now), I’ve been able to add new VBA winners to the VBA Blogroll. Some are still missing, but — not forgotten. Soon…

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And Again, Behind

Hey VBA Winners — yes, I am behind on adding new nominees/award-winners to the blogroll… and, over the next few months, I am likely to get even further behind as I am adding a puppy to my family. If you’ve ever owned a puppy — a 7 or 8 week old ball of fluff and fur, then you understand. If not, just imagine a baby that can run around your house and poop and pee and bite and chew anything and everything, and you may have some idea.

Have a great weekend and all the usual pleasantries associated with a great life!

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Take Care

As a writer, I take care in proofreading my entries. This morning, I discovered a typo in the blogroll. Of course, I fixed it. If your blog is misspelled or miss-titled, please let me know via a comment. I will not be offended. Carley

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