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How I Paint My Nails

And a great tutorial for those of us who don’t know squat about adding polish to our nails; and a fantastic help for those who do!

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30 Day Challenge: Border Manicure

A rockin’ manicure… bordered black!

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I love the drawings of the cat; not so sure about the message??


Sometimes it takes 2 to DIY

Fun post on the DIY-Director in some of us…


Some things never change – like, for example, the simple satisfaction from a job well done. When there is a problem with something, and you are able to fix it and make it better again, or build something from scratch, that is some powerful sense of accomplishment right there. I can think of only one thing better than being a successful “DIY”er. It would be being a “DIYD”er – or a “Do it Yourself – Director”. I’m awesome at that. Our new place is great, but, let’s face it – there’s a lot of work that needs to be done. We tackle things as a team. My contribution is as follows: Identify projects. This can be done in a number of ways, but I tend to go with:

Conspicuously staring at imperfections while subtly shaking my head and with an occasional heavy sigh thrown in. For effect, this is…

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Getting Personal: A Girl and Her Horse.



A little late for this year, but for next; it’s early!

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Eggs are central to Easter celebrations throughout the world. They traditionally symbolise life, strength, love and fertility. As Easter itself celebrates new life, no wonder that eggs have become such a potent symbol of it. In Poland, colourful Easter eggs are known as pisanki, a name derived from the word pisać which in contemporary Polish language means exclusively to write, but in old Polish it also meant: to paint. The art of egg decorating originated as a pagan tradition, which was later absorbed by Christianity to become the now traditional Easter pisanki, colourfully decorated eggs symbolising the revival of nature.

The oldest pisanki found on Polish territory (egg shells and clay pisanki) come from the 10th century, from the archeological site near Wrocław. There are also mentions in Polish texts from 13th century onwards, claiming that Easter eggs held a reinvigorating power and were known…

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