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Advice From A Mountain

Advice from a mountain? Yes, and pretty good advice, too.

300 Word Limit

IMG_2454Reach new heights

Savor life’s peak experiences

There is beauty as far as the eye can see

Stand in the strength of Your True Nature

Be uplifting

Follow the trails of the Wise Ones

Protect and preserve timeless beauty,

silence, solitude, serenity,

flowing rivers,

ancient trees.

Rise above it all

Make solid decisions

Climb beyond your limitations

Leave no stone unturned

Never take life for granite

Get to the point

Patience, patience, patience

Life has its ups and downs

Let your troubles vanish into thin air

To summit all up

It’s the journey step by step

Rock on!

–Ilan Shamir

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Hold Me

A poem.

Cerulean Skies

At the end of your hand is The Atlantic
Its Horizon barely touches your hand’s fingertips
Your hand’s half-moons flare with stray diamond dust
Another day is discussed while your hand strokes
weary fingers, your hand’s mocha against my golden roast
Feral yearning cackles from your hand unto my own
Your hand’s weathered skin is mapped with scars
I know not where your hand has been,
but your hand fits perfectly in mine.

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Another Great VBA Post ( Poem )

Check out this poem at Tongue of the Wind.

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