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The Ultimate Perks of Long-term Travel

Want to peek into the life of a long-term traveler? Take a look at this post about living on the road.

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Hold Me

A poem.

Cerulean Skies

At the end of your hand is The Atlantic
Its Horizon barely touches your hand’s fingertips
Your hand’s half-moons flare with stray diamond dust
Another day is discussed while your hand strokes
weary fingers, your hand’s mocha against my golden roast
Feral yearning cackles from your hand unto my own
Your hand’s weathered skin is mapped with scars
I know not where your hand has been,
but your hand fits perfectly in mine.

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Sunday inspiration

I am not a fashion guru, but these stunning looks are well – just stunning!


I though this collection was such a great source of inspiration Kate Spade Spring 2014, must of the pieces are so chic and cute, i love the details of the outfits, like the bags and rings! The pastel colours dresses are amazing my favorite of the collection. What do you think? What piece of this colection is your favorite?
Next Sunday, inspiration from London fashion week! Excited! 😁
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Cuando vi esta coleccion me parecio una fuentes de inspiracion increible, es Kate Spade Primavera 2014, la mayoria de las piezas me parecen super chic y elegantes, me encantan los detalles de los looks como los anillos y bolsos, y la parte de tonos pastel una de mis favoritos! Que os parece? Que piezas de esta coleccion os gustan mas? El proximo domingo un poco de inspiracion de la semana de la moda en…

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Crux of crime

All over the world, the inhuman treatment of other humans seems rampant…

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Your Likes

Finally, finally those bloggers who like the VBA posts are showing up! Yay!

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Viable Worlds Theory – Why philosophy is more than mental masturbation

More philosophy…

Blank Canvas Living

socrates greek philosopher cartoonThe successful survival of our species has always depended on pattern prediction. We model our brains and our behaviours on the patterns we experience and adopt as truth. We then fit new information into these existing structures that dictate our interpretations and attentions. The following three basic patterns found throughout nature easily illustrate this precept:

1) Sequences – From ’rounding the bases’ while dating to predicting the sequence of seasons/weather for agriculture
2) Branched Hierarchies – From attention priority scales (eg: run from wasp – run screaming from bee) to societal/job roles
3) Networks – From understanding our interaction within ecosystems to Richard Branson’s business success

Countless patterns, many coded within our own bodies, can be translated from micro through to macro: torus energy fields, gravity, the golden mean, crystallography… etc. How many humans have devoted their lives to finding the ‘one governing pattern behind everything’? Although this one-ring-to-rule-them-all search is…

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Happy Anniversary!

Happy country-living! Wow!

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Pitt & Chanel n°5: A man in a woman’s world

Gorgeous photographs of gorgeous Brad Pitt, the new face of Chanel No.5 parfum. Okay…

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iPhone 6- A Slim Review

Based just on this post, I think Empowering Future! deserves the VBA. Congrats!

Empowering The Globe

Just as smart looking as the iPhone 5, but 20% slimmer.
iPhone 6 concept (black) by Arthur Reis

iPhone renders are a dime a dozen, but for once we have been graced with a concept for Apple’s next flagship phone that seems very much a possibility.

Created by Arthur Reis, a budding designer who aspires to join the ranks of Jony Ive and Shin Nishibori someday, 3D renderings of the iPhone 6 imagine a handset that looks largely identical to iPhone 5 (think: anodised aluminium casing with chamfered edges), but an impressive 20 per cent slimmer at just 6.1mm thick.

The handset also features a 12-megapixel camera with an ‘iSight Pro’ sensor boasting an f/1.8 aperture and a ‘Magic TrackPad’ that replaces the physical home button with a touch-sensitive equivalent.

As far as we’re concerned, this is one of the best iPhone concepts we’ve seen, principally because it doesn’t go crazy on novel or unrealistic features…

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