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Mugshots are ugly

One of the best “I got a Versatile Blogger Award” announcements I’ve read!

We Live In A Flat

What is an ugly picture?

How about a mug shot? After all such pictures possibly personify best what is ugly in human society.

Daily Prompt: Shape up or ship out/Ugly

The following is a Versatile Blogger Award response masquerading as a fictitious news article. 😛

Singapore – Donna the local mongrel who was previously turned in for investigation by the authorities for the first suspected unlicensed protest to be staged by a dog in this country has fled. It is rumoured that the dog police whispered in embarrassment the statement that Donna the local mongrel, made her escape when wardens let her out in the yard to read her pee-mail. The authorities do not have an answer as to why the local mongrel held in custody should have access to pee-mail or any kind of communications with the dog network. They have refused to comment for this news report.


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Across the Way

Awesomely and simply written… of family…

Blue Dog

Here’s my view from across the way:

moth across the way

Kind of amazing, right? I don’t know if the man who occupied this window seat before me noticed he had a coffee date, but I was certainly enthralled. I’m back at my mammoth copyediting job after a long weekend of great fun with crazy cousins (I include my own under that designation), the only casualties being a minor stomach bug generously shared, a general indifference to John’s backyard garden, and a smart case of contact dermatitis I’m pretty sure Jonah picked up from burying himself in sand after freezing his patutti off in Lake Erie. O, but it was fun!

Jonah started therapy camp and swimming lessons Tuesday. The former includes his “favorite object” Miss Cynthia (his intervention aid at school) and is a good bit of fun. The latter is freaking him. Though he passed Red Cross level one swimming the first…

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No Matter How Small ( by Carley Evans )

My own thoughts on the recent Supreme Court decision…


Today I clapped my hand over my mouth and tears welled in my eyes as I heard the gay men’s choir burst into song. The song sung by the men was our national anthem, “The Star-Spangled Banner.” I was in my car, driving home from work, listening to NPR as I usually do. Some reporter was defending the positive nature of the coverage of the historical moment when “a group of people came together to grasp” its rights under the Constitution of the United States. No matter how you view marriage, that people who live in the United States are constitutionally protected is undeniable. (This is why babies should not be aborted, by the way. They each have a constitutional right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Those rights outweigh any parent’s right to privacy!)

Every citizen of the United States of America has a right to pursue…

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Out in the wilderness…

A story…

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

“Funny how “question” contains the word “quest” inside it, as though any small question asked is a journey through briars.” 
~ Catherynne M. Valente, Under in the Mere

“Say it, reader. Say the word ‘quest’ out loud. It is an extraordinary word, isn’t it? So small and yet so full of wonder, so full of hope.” 
~ Kate DiCamillo, The Tale of Despereaux

My Kimberley story, continued…

I would like to say that I was happy, out there in the wild vast spaces of the Kimberley.

But that would not be true.

Life settled into a routine of sorts.  Waking early, I would go for a walk before the heat of the day, dog following at my heels. Breakfast and then over to the office and a mountain of paperwork and management tasks. Sometimes I ventured to other parts of the property, sometimes I met the planes or helicopters as they came…

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My alumni magazine depresses me

Does your alumni magazine ever say to you, “You aren’t doing much, are you?”

The Dorky Daddy

© Copyright 2010 CorbisCorporationSometimes reading my alumni magazines can make me depressed.

I’m just going to throw that out there.

Every now and then as the mail arrives, with it comes a brightly covered publication with someone smiling on the cover, ready to tell how great they are doing, loving what they do and how their time at the college made it happen.

And every time I get done flipping through the pages, I can’t help but think how easy they make it seem to be living the life they’ve dreamed, to be making a difference in the world, to be creating something.

I look at them and think ‘what have I been wasting my time doing?’

It can be a little depressing.

As I flip through the pages of each edition, there’s articles and notices like “John Smith has completed his fifth book, in stores now” or “Jane Doe is CEO of…

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“STOP” – a poem…

Crossing the Other Side

I can see clearer from

a distance, those things which

are but a blur when zoomed.




I need not inquire to 

understand how things went

from perfect to twisted.




The light may give warmth

yet warmth can be extreme

and extreme never leaves

one unscathed.




Life. We are but leaves. We

shall all fall down someday.

Would it even matter if the wind

blows you away- when you know

you’ll eventually be part of the brown. 




The wind never saves. It only

cushions the fall. For fall, we will.




Reality- the crusher of dreams. 

I stopped believing. 


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THE Plan, update #2

There’s a plan!

Fighting Fibro with Fire


I love this quote, because it describes exactly what it is that I am working towards. I know that there are many obstacles in my life that I simply cannot change, so instead, I’m working to change how I get around them. It sounds simple enough, but sometimes it takes a tremendous amount of effort to react to situations the I want to rather than the way I’m used to reacting to them. Some habits are hard to break, but they can be broken.

With that in mind, it’s time to take a look at the plan I came up with to help me deal with being chronically ill. Just to recap, here’s a brief overview of my actual plan:

  • Get Happy: This is kind of a mind over matter approach, I’m learning to change the way I react to situations. I’m learning to control my temper and to always…

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I am a bad writer

If you write like you talk, and you talk well; then you are not a bad writer.

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Street animals of Thailand

Strays of Thailand Streets…



Driving back from school today we saw a litter of puppies on the side of the road and this little chappy and one of his brothers/sisters ran after us. They are too cute. It looks like this guy is the runt of the litter as he was about half the size of the rest of them. So adorable!! Don’t worry, I have no intention of taking any of them in, it’s hectic enough having rescued a kitten already.

When I first came to Thailand I used to feel so sorry for the dogs that live on the street – there are so many of them, especially around where we live. Don’t imagine packs of rabid dogs or anything like that; most of these dogs are pretty chilled out, have a couple of houses that they hang about for scraps of food and company. They are pretty well fed compared to…

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The Mistakes that we own.

A bit of depression for your mental health… it happens.


Ever get the feeling you have stepped over the mark?
I do.
Quite honestly I feel like it at the moment. The phrase let sleeping dogs lie doesn’t seem to compute I don’t think; and while I know it’s best to confront problems it’s driving me insane that an innocent phrase, mentioned when I was not guarding my words as carefully as I should have been, causes so many problems. Here say. A phrase spat out when catching up with an old acquaintance.
Problems that I did not even realise still existed.
Problems that a single phrase could rip the plaster off of a settling wound.
I know these tendrils delve deeper than I am aware and I know that what’s happened is horrible and slanderous and possibly bulling but what can you do about it? At some point it must get to the stage where those who believe the…

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