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How NOT? to draw trees… Hmm, look like pretty nice tree drawings to me…


Fantastic post from a newbie VBA Winner…

Pearl Grey Tea

I chanced upon the website of an ex creative director based in Shanghai, China of a well known ad agency internationally and saw a few inspiring ads done and shared by him.

They are mainly in Mandarin with English subtitles but still touching and thought provoking nevertheless.

Here is his site to share great minds and needless to say, you know who i am referring to now.

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I think so very much like Sue Fenton.

When shopping, there are times when bad English doesn’t really matter. Take greengrocers, for example; I routinely grumble and scoff when I see “potato’s” and “apple’s” and “basel and corinder” offered for sale, but a casual approach to grammar doesn’t actually make much difference to my enjoyment of the product on offer – you’d have to be pretty pedantic to take your fruit-and-veg custom elsewhere on the grounds of a misplaced apostrophe and some sloppy spelling.

It’s different when you’re buying a service or an expensive branded item, because you’re not buying a thing, you’re buying an experience. It’s different, it just is. You expect quality in all aspects of your dealings with the shop or service provider. And when you’re buying a service that involves a medical procedure this is even more true. For some time I’ve been looking into (excuse the pun) options for treatments to correct my…

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An absolutely wonderful VBA WInner post…

Blue Dog

I will miss the smell of my baby’s head. He’s hot as 100, asleep in the crook of my arm. I’m pretty sure it’s the flu everyone’s in a panic about. John’s had it for a good four days, and I have the sense I’m just waiting my turn (that’s the farmer’s pessimism in my bones talking), glad at least I’m well enough to take care while John’s so ill. And I hate for G to be sick like this, but I’m grateful for this chance to hold my forty pound electric blanket of a baby while he sleeps. I type with one hand, just as I’ve done so many times nursing the boys. From the next room I hear John and Jonah watching the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye and Black Widow fight the forces of evil. The roar of it vibrates the couch.

His hair smells…

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