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Read More About It

A fun description of our expectations when we read the word “award.”


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A great “acceptance speech” for the VBA…

A Frame Around Infinity

Blogging has changed since the last time I did it during the dark ages of the internet in 2006.

Today we have the integrated blog stats that WordPress so thoughtfully provides us all, informing me at a glance how many clicks I’ve received per day and what the clickers were clicking on and where the clickers came from, both geographically and via the internet.

We have “Likes”, which on all but the most popular blogs have replaced the standard comments of yesteryear.  There were no such thing as Likes in 2006.  If you liked something someone wrote, you would tell them by leaving a comment and let them know what exactly you liked about it.

(Not that I’m at all complaining: the world is a much busier place than it was in 2006, and comments take time to compose while Likes are quick and dirty.  I’m grateful to know at…

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Come On Now!

Come on now! — Support your fellow VBA blogs, wouldya! I’ve posted several fine blog posts from VBA winners with limited response to them.

Get out there and visit each other! Comment!

Well, yes, you may be commenting on their blog, but it’d be encouraging to others if you’d also comment here!

I’m in a mood, yes!

Includes a lot of exclamations.


One of the Best VBA Blog Posts

One of the best “cancer” posts I’ve ever read —

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