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I’m nominating MY NEON SIGN LULLABY for the Versatile Blogger Award. Congrats Eileen. Carley


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A fun description of our expectations when we read the word “award.”


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A really great post!

Two Minutes of Grace

Time heals all wounds. ~ Geoffrey Chaucer

I was 19 0n a beautiful Sunday afternoon when a drunk driver crossed the center line doing 65 mph, hitting my Dodge Dart head on. She walked away with some minor cuts. It took the EMTs and the Jaws-of Life to get me out of the wreckage of my little sedan.

After setting my leg and putting 4o stitches in my knee, the on-call doctor began a crisscross of stitches in my jaw. An EMT who’d never left my side repeatedly told the him that there was still a lot of glass in the wound (my head went through the driver’s side window) but the doctor made quick work of it.

For 25 years, the scar that runs right along my jaw line, would inexplicably begin to bleed and a sliver of glass would work it’s way out. Time scarred over the wound…

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Visits from Spain

61 visits from Spain yesterday; 13 so far today. Here is what is viewed, I think!

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Off to Papua New Guinea with PARALLEL WORLDS…

Parallel Worlds

[words and photograph © Eric Lafforgue, The WideAngle]

Each year in Mount Hagen in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, tribes from all over the country gather for the biggest “Singsing” of the island. A “Singsing” is a rejoicing time of chants and dances, and before all that takes place, much attention is given to preparing participants’ make-up and dresses. The big question is: when will these tribes perform for tourists and no longer for tradition? When you are the lucky witness of the Mount Hagen Singsing, and you can hear how loud the people sing, and how much time they take to dress (each plume of the hats is put in one by one at every ceremony – it takes hours…), you can be sure that these proud people still do this first for pleasure.

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I’m nominating GIRL WITH A PEN for the Versatile Blogger Award.

Girl With a Pen

Three watercolor/ splatter sparrows I made over the weekend. A nice relief from staring at a graphite board all week!

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Beautiful oilseed rape fields in Ireland…

A Yorkshire Lass in Ireland

In late spring there is suddenly an explosion of yellow in the landscape where the fields of Oilseed Rape come into bloom.  It is grown for animal feed, vegetable oil and surprisingly, biodiesel (wander if I could grow some to power my little car ;-)).  The flowers are also good for honey production, but apparently because of it’s strong taste, it is usually blended.  However, I have found several places on the internet selling 100% oilseed rape honey, definitely would be interesting to see what it’s like.

You cannot help notice this vibrant color as you venture around the countryside and it’s virtually impossible for a photographer to pass without grabbing a shot, and I’m no exception.  The most common image of these fields is usually taken on a sunny day, with a gorgeous blue sky, and plenty of fluffy white clouds. I have nothing against this scene, and I admit…

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Oh my goodness, a reader!

12 Books in 12 Months

Back in March, Sandra from 12 Novels in 12 Months nominated me for the Versatile Blogger Award and I failed to do the requisite thank you and pass it on post.  Better late than never though, right…?

Except it gets worse, because also in March, Sarah from 12 Months of Creativity nominated me for the exact same award, and I didn’t thank her either.   Verily, I am a shocker.

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Congratulations, Writing Wings!

Writing Wings

Versatile Blogger Award

Many thanks to Fel Wetzig at The Peasants Revolt! ( for my first Versatile Blogger Award – totally amazed and very grateful.  The Award is really surprising as I struggle to blog as often as Fel and many others.

Anyway the rules are to nominate 15 more bloggers that I either follow or have recently discovered and find excellent. Then to give 7 facts about myself. (Further info on the Virtual Blogger Awards:

My 15 nominations in no particular order are:

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COWBOY CHURCH – horses, barns, songs, worship… again, what more can you want?


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