I think so very much like Sue Fenton.

Originally posted on F Words:

When shopping, there are times when bad English doesn’t really matter. Take greengrocers, for example; I routinely grumble and scoff when I see “potato’s” and “apple’s” and “basel and corinder” offered for sale, but a casual approach to grammar doesn’t actually make much difference to my enjoyment of the product on offer – you’d have to be pretty pedantic to take your fruit-and-veg custom elsewhere on the grounds of a misplaced apostrophe and some sloppy spelling.

It’s different when you’re buying a service or an expensive branded item, because you’re not buying a thing, you’re buying an experience. It’s different, it just is. You expect quality in all aspects of your dealings with the shop or service provider. And when you’re buying a service that involves a medical procedure this is even more true. For some time I’ve been looking into (excuse the pun) options for treatments to correct my…

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