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So so so very far behind

I’m sorry.

The VBA Blogroll is not up-to-date.

Many worthy blogs are to be found in the comments! Many have not been added to the VBA Blogroll because I am — as the only VBA Administrator — way behind and because I am in the process of submitting my novel to CreateSpace for publishing before June 12th.

The deadline approaches, and I am fast — no, not asleep — at work!

Patience is appreciated.

Blessings! and all the usual pleasantries for your day!


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I was reminded this evening of the sudden loss of my dog, Hanna on February 13, 2011. The reminder came in the form of an online petition from a young woman who lost her dog recently. Her dog and my dog died. She knows her dog was essentially poisoned by a treat manufactured in China for Nestle Purina. I have always suspected my Hanna died of some form of poisoning. I suspected a Nestle Purina product, but testing did not reveal any toxin in the sample.

The petition calls for Nestle Purina to stop the distribution of this particular treat which has been implicated in the deaths of many dogs, I gather.

I haven’t felt the loss of my dog in a while. But tonight, the shocking details of Hanna’s last 24 hours rushed back into my mind’s eye. My little white Bichon Frise suddenly started shaking, her tail between…

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What an amazing accomplishment — art from puzzles.


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