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The One Hundredth Spectacular Amazapalooza

Sometimes rambling thoughts are – well, rambling…

The Indelible Life of Me

Post C

Here’s the story of a man-cold, Inception and Tiddles.

I’ve never liked the phrase ‘whatever floats your boat’. Boats, by definition, are vessels that float on the water. It’s a self-referential argument. It is water that’s floating my boating but boats can only float on water so what floats my boat can only be water. It should be ‘whatever keeps your boat afloat’, meaning you need to do all you can to keep your boat afloat. But think about it. If you’re in a boat that isn’t floating, why did you get in the boat in the first place? Oh sure, the boat may have hit an iceberg, but surely the logical thing to do is to get into a lifeboat or, at the very least, jump overboard. In fact, the original meaning of the phrase is, quite literally, ridiculous. It means, ‘Do what makes you happy’…

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