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RUMI NATION’S Acceptance “Speech”

RUMI NATION and the Versatile Blogger Award

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Visits from Spain

61 visits from Spain yesterday; 13 so far today. Here is what is viewed, I think!

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A great “acceptance speech” for the VBA…

A Frame Around Infinity

Blogging has changed since the last time I did it during the dark ages of the internet in 2006.

Today we have the integrated blog stats that WordPress so thoughtfully provides us all, informing me at a glance how many clicks I’ve received per day and what the clickers were clicking on and where the clickers came from, both geographically and via the internet.

We have “Likes”, which on all but the most popular blogs have replaced the standard comments of yesteryear.  There were no such thing as Likes in 2006.  If you liked something someone wrote, you would tell them by leaving a comment and let them know what exactly you liked about it.

(Not that I’m at all complaining: the world is a much busier place than it was in 2006, and comments take time to compose while Likes are quick and dirty.  I’m grateful to know at…

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Take a look at the photographs of the birds in this post! Very nice!

Wind Against Current

By Vladimir Brezina

In February, we spent a few days kayaking on the Gulf Coast of Florida, in the St. Petersburg area. While Johna was edging into artistry at the Sweetwater Kayak Symposium, I rented a kayak and paddled around taking photos of birds.

There were birds everywhere. And while not exactly tame, they were not shy at all. In fact, they had clearly found that in some ways living beak-to-cheek with humans was to their advantage.

While some of the birds still did their own fishing in the old-fashioned way…

… others had found that there was a better way. Every human fisherman—and there were many—had at least one or two birds looking over his shoulder. Of course, it’s possible that they were just being friendly

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So so so very far behind

I’m sorry.

The VBA Blogroll is not up-to-date.

Many worthy blogs are to be found in the comments! Many have not been added to the VBA Blogroll because I am — as the only VBA Administrator — way behind and because I am in the process of submitting my novel to CreateSpace for publishing before June 12th.

The deadline approaches, and I am fast — no, not asleep — at work!

Patience is appreciated.

Blessings! and all the usual pleasantries for your day!


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Oops! Behind Again

Sorry newbies! I’m behind on adding new award winners to the VBA Blogroll! But, don’t worry — I’ll get your blog added as soon as I am able!

I write two blogs of my own, so I’m pulled in several directions simultaneously.

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Chain-Letter Awards

When I first received my nomination/award for being a VERSATILE BLOGGER, I didn’t yet realize that the award was not much more than an attempt to propagate blogs — i.e. to gain more audience for all sorts of blogs and bloggers, both of WordPress and Blogger and… I’m sorry, the others do not wish to come to mind.

Soon after starting the VBA blog, I realized that CHAIN LETTER AWARDS are almost a dime a dozen.

I’ve attempted, via this blog, to set the record straight.

The Versatile Blogger Award is whatever we make it. The VBA can disintegrate into nothing more than a “I like you, do you like me?” award. Or, we can endeavor to choose our nominees with greater care… And, I’ve discovered that most of the time, the results are that worthy blogs and bloggers are indeed awarded the VBA!

Think about it! The VBA is whatever you want it to be!

Good day to you; and all the usual pleasantries!


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