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A Most Serendipitous Time

One of mine.

DooRFrame Books

In a whirlwind trip, I meet some extraordinary women both in Mississippi and in Atlanta. Out to dinner with 7 lovely southern ladies – honestly there’s no other way to describe these women! – one of them – oh, her name fills the air – Camille – leans in to ask me if there’s anything else interesting about my life – other than medical speech pathology – and because we are in a social rather than business setting – I tell them I’m a novelist. And the curiosity is sparked – several women want to know what I write. Odd to me that the word novelist does not conjure thoughts of fiction in people’s minds – not just these southern lady minds, but minds everywhere. I hear the same question, “Do you make your books up?” In my head, I hear, “Yes, they’re fiction.” Of course, I’m more polite and…

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A little – literally! – fiction for your Sunday.

Postcard Fiction

One day you drifted into my life.  Taken by your grace and strength, I plunged into our relationship head first without really knowing how deep I was. My mistake. I can no longer keep my head above water.  You say you can save me but I fear you’re my anchor.

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A Short Preview of my novel: METAL MAN WALKING

At the suggestion of a reader, I’m posting a short preview of my novel, METAL MAN WALKING.

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My novel – METAL MAN WALKING now available

Hello Fellow VBA Winners and bloggers and writers!

My novel, METAL MAN WALKING, is finally available for purchase!

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