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Nearly the Mayor


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Interesting outfit for a dog… and love that blue carpeting.

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Its a dogs world

Salish Lodge Snoqualmie WA

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Want to travel to Bangkok? I do, but I can’t afford to do so right now, so…

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A Winter Wonderland in Blogger

Walking in a Winter Wonderland…

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A very fine poem.


three words I found hard to understand…” constrained

by Love..”

They say you got to live an entire lifetime

to see true Love :

accept, cherish, the height, the depth of Its


understand Its Dialect, for It is audible in Silence,

visible in the Dark,

Freed when constrained

by Chords of Peace –

such a Love,

is not my own,

not my kind, for I am not meek, I am not mild.

Love : dread word in times of war

aye, Peace a sword,

piercing through

my defence –  wraps / re -defines what is

” Me”, what is ” Mine..”…

ah Love, perfect, all human thought trapt’

in Its constraining

freedom –

and I

helpless in Its

Arms like Iron against the temptation to



like long forgotten rain in my Acres

of Inherited Deserts :

Oh Beautiful Deliverer

save us from the casualities of


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