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A little – literally! – fiction for your Sunday.

Postcard Fiction

One day you drifted into my life.  Taken by your grace and strength, I plunged into our relationship head first without really knowing how deep I was. My mistake. I can no longer keep my head above water.  You say you can save me but I fear you’re my anchor.

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Happy Anniversary VBA

I just noticed quite by accident that I started the VBA blog exactly one year ago today! I’m totally surprised as I had no idea this little site has been up and running a full 365+ days.

Thank you one and all for your continued support of your fellow bloggers out there in the blogosphere. Each one of you is unique and worth reading.

Here’s to the Versatile Blogger Award and each one of you, my fellow VBA winners!

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Horses and cowgirls and cowboys… what more can one ask for?

Hot Rod Cowgirl

As I write this post, The 2012 Pendleton Round Up Is Officially Over Until Next September 2013. Pendleton, Cheyenne And Calgary Are Known As The Big Three Rodeos Among The Cowboys Who Favor Them…Some Cowboys Say That Pendleton Is Like Coming Home. Pendleton Has 102 Years Of Rodeo History, Heritage And Community Support. Hundreds Of Local Volunteers That Follow In The Footsteps Of Their Families Before Them…As Each Year They Put On One Outstanding Rodeo!

Come See For Yourself And Experience The Magic Of Pendleton…Seeing First Hand Why This Rodeo Is Filled With American Cowboy Heritage, Heart And Soul.

Did I Mention I Have A New Camera From Wild Bill For My Birthday? He Blessed Me With The Sony a77 And I Love It:)

My Cowboy Buddy…He Loves Horses And Cows And Someday He Will Have His Own Ranch…It Will Be Top Notch:)

Are You Guys Ready To Rock And Roll…

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Compassion makes your life better…


For one?

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A Fun VBA Winner Post

Worth repairing…

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Now here’s a prime example of why we should support our fellow bloggers! Wow! Good Luck, Cyle.

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"Metal Man Walking" : a novel


Hello fellow readers/writers –

Like so many, I also am seeking people to buy and review my novel METAL MAN WALKING which is available on or at my e-Store or at a local bookstore ( if you ask the store to order a copy, that is ).

Now I know it’s tough to go out on a limb to buy a book of which you know little to nothing from a writer who is virtually unknown, but –

Read the existing reviews ( honest ones, not paid for ) and you may find out I’m a good novelist with a great story to tell.


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