Crocheted Goldfish! No, I’m not kidding!

Colouring With Yarn

More inspiration from aquariums and fish.

As my hubby went on his fishing store trips (two of them!), and chatted with the owners and managers about the fish, pumps, filters, etc., I wandered around the fish tanks on the floor.  Taking out my camera, I started taking pictures of the many colourful fish to keep from getting bored.   (Wonder what my husband would be doing if I dragged him around from craft store to the other?  Would he be taking pictures of yarn?  LOL )  Highlights from those trips  are featured in posts on my other blog – have a look at the Volitan Lionfish and the Porcupine Puffer Fish – they’re my new best friends 🙂

At home, in our tank, is the newest addition – goldfish.  Here’s a picture of them swimming around.

Browsing the internet today, I came across this.

It’s made by a MarieMad from…

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