Verna Bowman

My daybreak therapy is praying with a pen, recording trials and blessings of yesterday.

King David and I have spent many quiet dawns and silent nights in the Psalms he once penned in caves and pastures.  David the shepherd–king has faithfully been a good mentor, guiding me through the tough times of life, leading me beside still places.

An ancient scribe myself, as a young girl I kept a diary, logging (mostly erasing) my thoughts on my “beloved of the week.”

Now I write about my Beloved of my everyday in journals filled with naked thoughts on tear crinkled pages, and . . .  I emerge strong.

There are times my journal is nothing more than a tattered scrap recklessly scribbled at a traffic light, or jots on a napkin, transcribed later to the treasured keepsake.

Mostly, it’s in the sweet Selah pause and ponder times, when I come quietly…

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