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Wonderful, fun photographs of light in motion… yes, fireworks!


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A Social Worker’s View of Haiti

Haiti – a pearl at great price…

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A Short Preview of my novel: METAL MAN WALKING

At the suggestion of a reader, I’m posting a short preview of my novel, METAL MAN WALKING.

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Come On Now!

Come on now! — Support your fellow VBA blogs, wouldya! I’ve posted several fine blog posts from VBA winners with limited response to them.

Get out there and visit each other! Comment!

Well, yes, you may be commenting on their blog, but it’d be encouraging to others if you’d also comment here!

I’m in a mood, yes!

Includes a lot of exclamations.


A Great Poem by a VBA Winner

Read David M. Ashton’s BRAID STATION…


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Oops! Behind Again

Sorry newbies! I’m behind on adding new award winners to the VBA Blogroll! But, don’t worry — I’ll get your blog added as soon as I am able!

I write two blogs of my own, so I’m pulled in several directions simultaneously.

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A Rather Long Yet Delightful VBA Post

A delightful review of a “grand cafe” in Marbella.

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Chain-Letter Awards

When I first received my nomination/award for being a VERSATILE BLOGGER, I didn’t yet realize that the award was not much more than an attempt to propagate blogs — i.e. to gain more audience for all sorts of blogs and bloggers, both of WordPress and Blogger and… I’m sorry, the others do not wish to come to mind.

Soon after starting the VBA blog, I realized that CHAIN LETTER AWARDS are almost a dime a dozen.

I’ve attempted, via this blog, to set the record straight.

The Versatile Blogger Award is whatever we make it. The VBA can disintegrate into nothing more than a “I like you, do you like me?” award. Or, we can endeavor to choose our nominees with greater care… And, I’ve discovered that most of the time, the results are that worthy blogs and bloggers are indeed awarded the VBA!

Think about it! The VBA is whatever you want it to be!

Good day to you; and all the usual pleasantries!


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Catching Up

Hey New VBA Winners! I am working on adding many new blogs to the VBA blogroll. I am making headway, so keep your hats on!


Be sure to support your fellow VBA bloggers!


Running Behind

Hey New VBA winners — I haven’t forgotten you!

As soon as I am able, I will add your blog to the VBA blogroll.

Patience, please.

Happy Day, and all the usual pleasantries! Carley