My passions, getting crafty part 14

Something a little crafty…


Gooood morning beautiful people! How you all doing? I’m so happy with this weather, its not too hot and its fresh, I get up with a big smile on my face and of course my 2 year old boy, also smiling in my face hahahahahah such a joy :).
Since I have been so busy with our holidays and school holidays, I haven’t really have time to get crafty so, I keep saving projects that I want to do on my folder on my computer, and I thought yesterday, why not sharing that ‘whish list’ of projects and when I actually get to do them I will for sure show you 🙂 for now here are two ideas of things I want to learn how to do, and if you have a little time on your hands get crafty and do them, if you want to share email me your…

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