Across the Way

Awesomely and simply written… of family…

Blue Dog

Here’s my view from across the way:

moth across the way

Kind of amazing, right? I don’t know if the man who occupied this window seat before me noticed he had a coffee date, but I was certainly enthralled. I’m back at my mammoth copyediting job after a long weekend of great fun with crazy cousins (I include my own under that designation), the only casualties being a minor stomach bug generously shared, a general indifference to John’s backyard garden, and a smart case of contact dermatitis I’m pretty sure Jonah picked up from burying himself in sand after freezing his patutti off in Lake Erie. O, but it was fun!

Jonah started therapy camp and swimming lessons Tuesday. The former includes his “favorite object” Miss Cynthia (his intervention aid at school) and is a good bit of fun. The latter is freaking him. Though he passed Red Cross level one swimming the first…

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