The Mistakes that we own.

A bit of depression for your mental health… it happens.


Ever get the feeling you have stepped over the mark?
I do.
Quite honestly I feel like it at the moment. The phrase let sleeping dogs lie doesn’t seem to compute I don’t think; and while I know it’s best to confront problems it’s driving me insane that an innocent phrase, mentioned when I was not guarding my words as carefully as I should have been, causes so many problems. Here say. A phrase spat out when catching up with an old acquaintance.
Problems that I did not even realise still existed.
Problems that a single phrase could rip the plaster off of a settling wound.
I know these tendrils delve deeper than I am aware and I know that what’s happened is horrible and slanderous and possibly bulling but what can you do about it? At some point it must get to the stage where those who believe the…

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