Getting Personal: A Girl and Her Horse.


Beaus and Bows

Barn photo

Once upon a time, there was a very quiet fourth grader who participated in way too many activities. She was in Girl Scouts (for what ended up being 9 years), ballet, jazz, tennis, and soccer. One day, her mom bought her a barn with toy horses to attach to her doll house. The next day her mom found a barn that offered riding lessons. The little girl was never the same.

I can see how dramatic that might sound, but it’s true. I started taking riding lessons constantly. Eventually all the rest of my “hobbies” fell by the way side except for dance and riding. I think that says a lot about what’s important to me. Oh yeah, by the way, I’m that little girl.

Big eyes

Like a lot of little girls, I wanted a pony. There was lots and lots of begging involved, but I got nowhere. I continued taking…

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