Wise words; both funny and heartfelt… do take a moment to read a letter from a father to his son… you won’t regret it.

Tongue of the Wind

Wazzup son, you are priviledged to have me as your father, becuase I am a great man. You are priviledged to have *** as your mother, because she is the greatest woman the world has ever seen and will ever see. She is very beautiful, intelligent and wonderful in all dimensions, known and unknown. But we are priviledged to have you as a son, because you are the world’s greatest; you are greatness. This letter contains some of the perceptions I have gathered as I walked on the surface of this earth, and had wonderful discourses with the seen and unseen; known and unknow; safe and unsafe; speakable and unspeakable; holy and profane; and many other oxymoronic existences. Son, whether I will be around or not when you are reading this letter, treat it as if I were not around for you to ask me any questions. Thus any…

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