Rose answers the big ?s — and I’m not kidding, she’s funny when she does!


I’ve been meaning to read Kafka for ages – so I can just drop the fact that I’ve read his stuff casually into conversations and become even more popular than I already am. Well now I’ve got a Kindle and I’m not afraid to use it, so I bought Kafka’s entire works for $2.50, which is kind of an insult to him come to think of it.

So, Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

This guy wakes up in the morning, and he’s a cockroach. His first thought is, damn, I’ve slept in! What will the boss think when I don’t catch the early morning train! How will I support my aged parents and lovely younger sister?

Because the thing is, he awakes on his back, and it takes him at least till the end of the first chapter to get onto his little cockroach legs, and that not without banging his poor little…

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  1. #1 by butimbeautiful on May 28, 2012 - 12:39

    Thanks for reblogging, VBA! And for the praise – much appreciated!

    • #2 by lambskinny on May 28, 2012 - 12:46

      You’re so very welcome. Just doing unto others… you know… Carley

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