Another Great VBA Winner Post

Another fantastic VBA Winner post — this one’s about chicks… Check it out now! Carley

Unbeknownst to the guys, after they had unloaded another batch of broiler chickens into their bottomless shelters in the field on Tuesday morning, over half of them had escaped.  When Mr. Farmer Jones and I went out to the field that afternoon to do chores, we found over half of them out-and-about, just free-ranging all willy-nilly.  As I mentioned previously, I had got distracted by this and instead of rounding up the chicks, I took some photos of the escapees.

It’s so funny to watch the birds, just enjoying their time in the big world, without any fences.  They don’t actually roam that far, and once they realize you are trying to catch them, they frantically run in every direction but the way you want them to be.

{one little guy trying to figure out how to get in to visit with his friends}

Because the ground is not…

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