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Kerala, India: The Land of Spices


Travel plans shaky? Take a look at Kerala, India on iBellHop.

Originally posted on International Bellhop Travel Magazine:

Kerala India Travel Photo Gallery

Kerala, India is a magical place that has been bringing flavor and color to the rest of the world for centuries. A state of the country of India since 1956, Kerala sits on the Western Coastline of India, near the tip of the Indian Peninsula, and facing the Arabian Sea. Often called the “Land of Spices,” Kerala was one of the major spice shipping hubs for the globe as early as 3000 B.C. and is still a major grower and exporter of spices and foods to this day. In addition to the flavorful and exotic spices that flow from Kerala, tea-growing is also a major industry, with some of the most unique tea flavors in the world being grown on the inland steppes. Though the agricultural tourism is a major draw, the majority of visitors are more-enthralled with the backwaters, Beaches, and stunningly-green tropical forests.

While there are vast expanses…

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The Ultimate Perks of Long-term Travel


Want to peek into the life of a long-term traveler? Take a look at this post about living on the road.

Originally posted on Laura's Travel Tales:

Now that you know the challenges and drawbacks of living on the road, you must be thinking…blimey, why on earth do they do it?

Well, contrary to popular belief (or at the very least my last guide post) there’s a hell of a lot of good that comes from living on the road. From the most obvious pro (freedom) to the little thought-of consequences (never having to iron anything again), a long-term traveller’s life can be rewarding, enlightening, maturing, utterly satisfying and incredibly fun. Plus it’s addictive as hell!

Once you’ve spent a few years this way, the mere thought of being confined to four walls and forced to follow a 9-5 routine (not to mention having to stare at the same backyard for longer than a week) can send shivers of terror down your spine.

If you were about to hit the road but started unpacking after reading…

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A Social Worker’s View of Haiti

Haiti – a pearl at great price…

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Culinary Delights – Another Great VBA Post

Yum Yum Yum – check this out!

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