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A great “acceptance speech” for the VBA…

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Blogging has changed since the last time I did it during the dark ages of the internet in 2006.

Today we have the integrated blog stats that WordPress so thoughtfully provides us all, informing me at a glance how many clicks I’ve received per day and what the clickers were clicking on and where the clickers came from, both geographically and via the internet.

We have “Likes”, which on all but the most popular blogs have replaced the standard comments of yesteryear.  There were no such thing as Likes in 2006.  If you liked something someone wrote, you would tell them by leaving a comment and let them know what exactly you liked about it.

(Not that I’m at all complaining: the world is a much busier place than it was in 2006, and comments take time to compose while Likes are quick and dirty.  I’m grateful to know at…

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A Social Worker’s View of Haiti

Haiti – a pearl at great price…

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Long distance relationship, unemployment and poetry — what do these have in common?



One of your VBA Admin’s photographs. Enjoy.

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I don’t garden, but my son grows raspberries in containers in our yard — all over our yard!

Originally posted on Living Lightly:

By P.C. Zick@PCZick

It’s beginning to look a lot like summer and the living is not quite as easy as you might think! Despite our lack of rain, the garden is still doing its thing. We’re watering about twice a week and hoping for the best. Here’s a glimpse for today, July 7.Who’s that lurking in the garden behind the tomato stakes?It’s the man responsible for all this! He’s picking beans.Tomatoes getting ready to explode!It’s very odd that we’re getting peas now in this hot weather. They just started producing in the past two weeks. We’re eating them every night. I’ve frozen a few bags (nothing like last year), and I hope to put up a little bit more before they say, “Wait, a second. . .we’re not supposed to like the dry, hot weather.”I thought this was a banana pepper plant, but it’s…

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Wise words; both funny and heartfelt… do take a moment to read a letter from a father to his son… you won’t regret it.

Originally posted on Tongue of the Wind:

Wazzup son, you are priviledged to have me as your father, becuase I am a great man. You are priviledged to have *** as your mother, because she is the greatest woman the world has ever seen and will ever see. She is very beautiful, intelligent and wonderful in all dimensions, known and unknown. But we are priviledged to have you as a son, because you are the world’s greatest; you are greatness. This letter contains some of the perceptions I have gathered as I walked on the surface of this earth, and had wonderful discourses with the seen and unseen; known and unknow; safe and unsafe; speakable and unspeakable; holy and profane; and many other oxymoronic existences. Son, whether I will be around or not when you are reading this letter, treat it as if I were not around for you to ask me any questions. Thus any…

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This food just looks so good! And this blog is rather quirky and fun… Check it out! Carley

Originally posted on Goodstorysarah.:

I found this recipe yesterday and I thought it looked delightful!

Like most recipes I really don’t follow them. I added soy curls, corn and a heaping tablespoon of cayenne powder to the original recipe.  I also used white beans instead of lentils.  And I didn’t add the onions, garlic, mushrooms or salt. The recipe called for soy sauce, which I used tamari, and that’s salty enough without adding more salt. I let the chunks of fresh pineapple marinate with the soy curls and they were delightful!

This mix is intended to be put on wheat buns, but I’m not a huge fan of bread. I’ve really only been eating it if we go to Wayward for if I’m in the mood for some toast. I made a nice bed of brown basmati rice for my sloppy joe concoction. The sweet corn and pineapple smelled awesome together! This was a…

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“Like” Gravatars

Has anyone else noticed that the “like” gravatars are not showing up on posts?




This blogger is “playing” a game she designed to help her — as I understand it — get over her anxiety over money. I’d recommend taking a look at her goals and the rules as well as this (and other) posts.

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Psychologists sometimes discuss the risks associated with referring to yourself in the 3rd person. It’s not a good sign if when you talk about yourself you say things like: She is at work on her blog right now. But they never talk about referring to yourself in the 2nd person. I often refer to myself as You. At least in my head or when what’s in my head becomes a journal entry.

You MUST submit your taxes this week. You really SHOULD figure out a way to go through your bills at least once a month.

That sort of thing.

Which brings me to the particular taming of me that this week’s task involves from the Queen of Clubs.

I don’t have a system for when I “do my finances” — sort bills, check credit card statements, open post. I know you’re not surprised about this. Given the massive commitment…

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Excellent treatise on the history of influenza and why the flu vaccine is so beneficial… I used to be afraid of the flu vaccine, but now I welcome it…

Originally posted on Pursue natural:

The seasonal flu of 2011 arrived with the first confirmed case in Arkansas (Read more). The vaccination of the public swung into action with the seasonal flu vaccine components of 2011, which were exactly the same as the vaccine components of 2010, and described in my previous article, entitled, “Should I get the flu vaccine this year?”. The 2011 – 2012 flu season is going to be an ordinary one, unlike the one in 2009 and the far deadlier one in 2018, all of them caused by the same deadly swine flu H1N1 strain of the flu virus. First reported death from swine flu in 2009 was a 23 month old boy in Texas (Read more). The vaccination of the public swung into action in 2009. Why was 2018 the deadliest flu season in America with over 40 million estimated to be killed world-wide, far more than by…

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